National Parks & Game Reserves

National Parks & Game Reserves

Things to do - general

Exciting new adventure opportunities are now available in our National Parks. Games drives through our National parks remain the most popular activity for visitors to the National Parks.

Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) has come with new activities for adventure lovers planning to visit our national parks.

The following activities are now allowed in our parks .

Canopy Walkway in lake Manyara national park

This will take place in the ground water forest in the North pat of lake Manyara Nanyara National park. The Canopy Walkway is in a series of board walks and suspension bridges. The total length is about 500m with the height ranges from 4m to 18m.

Chimps habituation experience in Rubondo Island National Park.

Chimpanzees are man’s closest living relative, sharing about 98% of genes. Chimpanzee habituation experience offers visitors a chance to participate in the process of getting these primates used to the presence of humans. Visitors have a chance of staying with the chimps the whole day together with park rangers.

Cycling in Arusha National Park

Cycling in Arusha National Park is conducted in the rich montane forest areas endowed with varieties of wildlife which necessitates presence or escort of an armed ranger during cycling. Cyclists have the opportunity to see buffaloes, Zebras, Warthog, Baboon, Giraffe, Elephant and other species. Enjoy the forest canopy with different birds species such as Horn bill, Turacco & reptiles such as python. Spotting black and white Colubus Monkeys.

Special rhino watching in the Serengeti

Tourists will have a rare opportunity of leaving their vehicles and travel in the ranger’s vehicle who will take them for a rhino game drive in designated areas.

      Except for canopy walkways in Lake Manyara the rest of the activities require advance booking. We encourage you to contact the park well in advance if you wish to conduct these activities.