Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria

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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria  is  the largest lake on the continent, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake, and the world’s largest tropical lake.Visitors enjoy excellent natural sites with a surprising lack of tourist traffic.Near the shores of the lake is Tanzania’s second largest city, Mwanza, from which there are various excursions.


Lake Victoria’s islands are its biggest draw, and for good reason. The natural buffer of the lake has preserved resident wildlife to an extent they never would be in a land-locked situation. Tanzania’s part of the lake includes Rubondo Island National Park, a beautiful little island that’s home to chimpanzees,hippos, alligators and more than 400 bird species. Saa Nane Island’s craggy landscape teems with monkeys, clawless otters, impala, hyrax and rock rabbits.

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is an ideal place just to relax, swim, fish, read, nature walks, fly fishing, daily game drives and chimpanzee trekking on Rubondo Island. A visit to Bujora Sukma Museum. Pretty island beaches and stunning scenery